Ever since it’s official confirmation in October, the Sunburn Arena Deadmau5 India Tour has been one of the most anticipated EDM tours in the country – giving SHM’s One Last Tour a sheer run for it’s money. This weekend, India got to (finally) witness Deadmau5 live which turned out to be nothing short of epic. Here are some magical moments captured on instagram…By You!!


 The Mau5 in monochrome.


The crowd going crazy to the Mau5’s wicked tunes at Mumbai.


Deadmau5, say hello to my little friend – ‘the fan made Mau5head’.


An actual human head under that mask… Who knew??


It’s time to ‘Raise your weapons’!


Did you guys also see the ghosts and stuff’?


You there on the right, I want to see some JUMPING!


Crazy vi5ual5…


Have you seen my jellyfish?


More crazy vi5ual5…


Mau5 collage…


Time to ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’.




Going fully digital.




This fan made Nyan Cat Mau5head… What a beauty!