At around 7:30 am yesterday, 23-year-old Matan Zohar a.k.a. Mat Zo asked Nikhil Chinapa ‘when he would be bringing him (Mat Zo) home (India) this year?’


Could this be a sign that the young master-producer is heading back to the country for another tour? Well if the rest of the conversation is anything to go by, we should see him in the country real soon.

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock all these years and have no idea who Mat Zo is then here is a bit about him and what you can expect if everything between the guys at Submerge and Matan’s team goes through.

Starting off his journey into electronic music production at the tender age of 11, Matan Zohar or Mat Zo as he is commonly refereed to, rose to fame at a rapid pace becoming a favourite of all the big names in the scene including Markus Shulz, Andy Moore, Daniel Kandi and many more. Above & Beyond were one amongst these fans and even signed the young producer to their label Anjuna Beats. But Mat Zo’s name was cemented permanently in everyone’s mind when he collaborated with Porter Robinson to release ‘Easy’, which rose to the number 1 position on the Beatport charts. Ever since then, there has been no turning back for Brit, who has been touring the world captivating audiences with his signature sounds and stellar remixes.

His previous performance in the country saw him touring 4 cities, each of which saw the venues he played at filled to the brim with fans, ravers and everyone else in between, who were all seen grooving to his amazing tunes.

Well all The Sherp can hope for right now is that the talks go through and we get to hear him in India real soon.