Prior to her much awaited performance as KNOXX at Cafe Zoe tonight, Candice Redding shares some of her favorite music that has inspired her in some way through her journey as a successful DJ.  

shark and ink

This playlist is not new, nor is it old, it’s simply a two hour uniformity of my life. With each of these tracks I feel a jolt in time where by my mind, body and spirit individually and yet together gave me some epiphany which is part of my reality today.” 
1. Avaritia – Deadmau5

Empowering audio! Take control of being ALIVE 


2. Seeya – Deadmau5

Ladies find themselves all DIVA in the mirror with this chick flick soundtrack Amanda Bynes wishes she had made.


3. Acedia – Deadmau5

Monday Morning (PRESS PLAY)


4. Jetlands – Ron Flatter & Nick D – Lite Edit

Life is what you make of  the experience.


5. Hold on to me – Armin Van Buuren

From the first to last note DEFINES Candice Redding 1989 to  2014.


6. Promises (Maor Levi’s Analog Emotion Mix) – Andain

People affect you but never make you.


7. Fade – Wild Culture



8. Daniel – Max Elto

Recipe to conquer your reality. 


9. Fibi Maybe – Super Flu

Jive Time!


10. Breathe This Air (Vocal Edit) – Jon Hopkins

Look into the future and find yourself in a dream tomorrow.


11. The Difference – Kohra & Ruiz Sierra

Running for days… SEXY TUNE!


12. Chintonic (Extended Mix) – Daneil  SteinBerg

India loves Berlin <3


13. 100% In The Bitch – Porter Robinson

A grade ADHD material.


14. Making Me Fall – Moya (Kolombo Remix)

Audio Love Letter <3


15. Blues Jeans – Lana Del Rey (MK Dark Blue Dub)

Freak groove.


16. Don’t Give Up – Fedde Le Grand

RAVE 24/7


17. Shadow Of The Sun – Max Elto

I find my inner Watiwa (child) every time I hear this great vibration!


18. I Enter –  Second City & Tyler Rowe



19. Arrow and Bow – Oliver Koletzki (Marek Hemmann Remix)

FACT is Endorphins are released when you dance with you arms above your shoulders.


20. My Medicine by The Pretty Reckless

1 Air Guitar, Check. 1 Crowd To Rock On, Check. Underwear and Black Tshirt, Check….. 18 till I die !!