This 100% crowd funded, spectacular 30 foot skull construction takes projection mapping to another level.


The countdown to Burning Man (August 25th – September 1st) continues and as tens of thousands of people are anticipating an experience of a lifetime, artists Joshua Harker and Bart Kresa will be introducing the Shogyo Mujo to Black Rock City on August 25th. Both Joshua and Bart have been spending the past year collaborating on the 30 foot projection mapped skull to take part in the Caravansary theme of this year’s Burning Man.

skull 8 cover

Combined with Kresa and his team’s support, Harker’s installation will be realized by 8 projectors on top of 4 towers, providing a 360-degree projection mapping experience for the 4-story tall muslin sculpture. And if that’s not enough of an ongoing spectacle, the piece is set to culminate in its own immolation to symbolize the release of its spirit, and the ephemeral nature of all life.


Every year at the end of August, tens of thousands of people swarm into the Nevadan desert to form the  ‘civilization‘ of Black Rock City for Burning Man. With a plethora of art installations, and even its own Department of Public Works, their website admits that,

“trying to explain what Burning Man is, to someone who has never been to the event, is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind.” 



Of the 60 different art installations, Shogyo Mujo is said to be the most technologically-complex installations.


Shogyo Mujo: Burning Man Skull
by Joshua Harker
on Sketchfab


Bart Kresa is one of the world’s most seasoned, respected and engaging projection mappers this is one of the most spectacular crowd funded installations to grace the amazing desert festival.


(Story & Picture Courtesy: Kickstarter & The Creators Project)