From the 5th to the 7th day of September, Seattle will be bustling with raw, musical energy at the Bumbershoot Music Festival. And, there will be zombies. 

This 45 year old festival is not truly a music festival. Vociferously dedicated to the arts, Bumbershoot brings together music, comedy, literature, theatre and cinema on a singular platform, making it one of America’s most important cultural events. The first weekend of September this year will see artistes of various, multitude talents come together to deliver a truly artful show. Along with the arts, Bumbershoot also offers wacky activities making the festival experience truly wholesome.

Read on to why The Sherp thinks Bumbershoot is a must-see.

For the love of art

A photography lover? Want to hear someone of fortitude deliver a book narration? A theatre performance involving shadows? Or want to sit back, kick your shoes off, for some good ol’ cinema watching? Bumbershoot has got you covered. There are very few festival that cater to every form of art, and in that department this Seattle cultural gem makes sure to bring to fore some incredible artistic talent. Their lineup is carefully divided between music and each one of the arts mentioned above.

CN 8(Credit : Christopher Nelson)

CN 3(Credits: Christoper Nelson)

MK 4(Credit : Morgan Keuler)

All-encompassing activities

Bumbershoot has several notable pop-culture involved activities. Like Words & Ideas where writers, authors, television show writing teams come on to the stage to discuss literary content. Since the festival involves people of all age groups in attendance, the festival features the best works from the Seattle International Film Festival for adults as well as children. They have a glorified indie market, involving work and products of local sellers, and artists.

christopher-nelsonwritersfromparksandrecreationThe writers of Parks & Recreation (Credit : Christopher Nelson)

Musical ingenuity

Bumbershoot festival has dedicatedly churned some of the more incredible musical lineups in the American festival calendar. Having featured legendary musical acts like Mavis Staples and a host of other exciting names like Kendrick Lamar and Mac DeMarco, the festival has churned out performances worth hooting for. This is why attendees have always left reeling with a great musical hangover at having experienced some exceptional music.

CN 4(Credit:  Christoper Nelson)

Morgan Keuler(Credit: Morgan Keuler)

MK(Credit: Morgan Keuler)

The 2015 Bumbershoot Lineup

Be still, my heart. The Bumbershoot 2015 musical lineup is probably one of the more exciting ones in the recent years. Giving equal credibility to every kind of genre that is dominating world music at the moment, the festival has featured some incredible qualitative acts teamed up with up and coming exciting new names in the musical industry. The Sherp wholeheartedly recommends – Chance The Rapper, Bassnectar, The Weeknd, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals and Hozier.


For you, sir

Bumbershoot can be quite quirky with its offerings. If you so desire, you can make way to the festival’s very own Silent Disco, where each of the attendees will be given headphones so they can tune into any of the DJs playing live while in a seemingly silent atmosphere. Bumbershoot also has small intimate concerts in their Music Lounge, where people with VIP tickets can walk in for the qualitative, intimate experience. Bumbershoot also has an art zone, where attendees can have some creative ‘me-time’.

CN 7(Credits: Christoper Nelson)

MK 3(Credit : Morgan Keuler)


The fact that a festival has its very own zombie walk is cool enough. But if you think this is just you pulling off a background dancer act from Michael Jackson’s thriller, you’re wrong. Because people come up with their most ridiculously cool zombie antics, clothes and makeup in tow to create the most compelling zombie walk visual. So either step up, or go home!

apesontape com(Credit:

Zombie Walk at Bumbershoot 2013 in Seattle, WA USA(Credit: Will Austin Photoshelter)