When you live in a city like Toronto, you’re exposed to the hundreds and thousands of events and festivals that it has to offer. But every once in a while, you make a discovery that pays off well, a discovery that introduces a new experience into your seasonal activities. Getting word of Desert Hearts x SummerDaze gave us a glimmer of hope that summer isn’t actually over yet, and before we depart the sunny weather and the nice warm air that lingers around Toronto during this time, we may yet have one great big party to bid farewell. And there’s no better way of doing it.


Desert Hearts x SummerDaze is a 15 hour event (yeah, you read that right), consisting of music, art and food. At least two of the aforementioned fall into an average person’s two favourite categories. Aiming to bring the feel and carry the vibes of Ibiza, SummerDaze will indeed daze (ignore our puns) the audience members and bring the vibes of the island to Toronto. And to assist in bringing about this sort of ambience, the west coast collective from California, Desert Hearts, will be present to deliver the audience with some stellar beats and feels along the likes of Burning Man.


The artist roster coming from Desert Hearts for this closing event features the likes of Shea Marie, Alberto Jossue, Members Only, Dirty Dale, Nature of Music, Adrian Ravelo and Tyrone Solomon during the day; Deep Jesus, Porkchop, Marbs, Lee Reynolds, Mikey Lion and NiCe7 during the night. A lineup like this spread across 15 hours in one location is bound to feed your inner cravings of techno, deep house and tech house for one day. We can only imagine an event like this would leave a lasting afterglow that will show come Monday morning.

Taking place at District 28, in the heart of Toronto right by the water, this is one dance party that you don’t want to miss. Forget the events you see advertised to you every second and every day of your life, Desert Hearts x SummerDaze will truly be an event that will be unforgettable, and will be on for the books come next summer.


Tickets and event details can be found here.