If you’re a fan of commercial rock, we sure as hell hope you got yourself a pass for Rock on the Range at Columbus this weekend, because the kind of rockstars that will be descending will be a sweet trip down memory lane!

Rock on the Range literally gets us the best of good ol’ rock. Year after year their line-up is the kind that takes you searching down your music folder, ’cause if you’re a true rock fan, you’ve probably heard them all, and it’s time to give it another shot! But no worries. The Sherp is here to prep you up for the weekend. Here’s a list of the biggest names at Rock on the Range this weekend. Headbangers, unite!

1.  Slash

Good guy Slash. Him of the guitar riffs fame. Him of the that sweet, sweet solo in November Rain fame. Him of the long hair and fancy hat fame. Him of the brilliant stage performances fame. The former Guns N’ Roses’ bandmate’s mere inclusion must have easily guaranteed a few relinquished live performance dreams. Slash is not of the most respected guitarists in the world for nothing. His live presence on the stage is bound to get the audience in awe! Him with long time conspirator Myles Kennedy on vocals is just pure extra icing.

2. Linkin Park

Chester Bennington is probably one of the greatest vocalists of our time, who sadly gets passed over owing to Linkin Park’s absolute commercial scene. However witness him in his full glory with the band that is responsible for ushering many 90s kids into the rock scene. And it’s time you discovered with is the new Linkin’ Park sound people are talking of. Until then, there’s always Hybrid Theory to sing along to. We know you know the words.

And speaking of Slash and Chester Bennington

3. Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson was the rockstar our parents scoffed at every time we tried to grab his life-size poster. He continues to be eccentric but that’s not taking away from what a brilliant musician he is. He’s that one true metal rockstar, staying true to his shock rocker persona, yet consistently releasing some of the best rock music there is. For fans of true industrial shock metal, his inclusion is pure gold. Make no mistake, Marilyn Manson’s not one to hide!

4. Slipknot

Slipknot is a name most people have grown to hearing. We have all Slipknot fans for friends, in most cases, we are the fans. Their heavy metal fan base if loyal to the core, and is hard to miss. And why not? The band is aggressively brilliant, and their live shows are a class apart with the action that goes down. If you’re a metal fan, and Slipknot hasn’t been on your list yet (which is impossible really) then that’s the band to see this weekend!

5. Breaking Benjamin

Pretty much every kid raised in the 90s has had a Breaking Benjamin phase (if they were into rock, that is). If you haven’t had reruns of We Are Not Alone, the album, then what were you even listening to? But after a four year hiatus, the band is back with a new album. And fans have never been more excited. And since it’s the first time it’s a completely different line-up excluding original member Benjamin Burnley, we cannot wait to see how the live performance will turn out.