2015 is turning out to be a stellar year for Dance Music’s favorite robot Kryoman. While fans have thoroughly enjoyed his on stage robot performance with cannons, LEDs and stilts for years it’s Kryoman’s DJ sets that have been gaining a lot of attention. With releases on Fedde Le Grand’s label Darklight Kryoman is producing his own music. The Sherp is rather certain that Kryoman is slowly turning into an omnipotent being. During his adventures in Miami, The Sherp had a chance to catch up with the man/robot himself.

kryo2(Image Courtesy: Marc de Groot)

What was it like to play the main stage at Ultra?

It was incredible, it is an unforgettable experience. I performed on  the Mainstage before as Kryoman the robot back in the day but this was the first time I played the Mainstage. I got off the stage and got a lot of compliments about my music. I played hard in an attempt to bring out something fresh because the usually opening set is supposed to be a little slow in terms of the tempo. I thought to myself that people have been waiting at the gates for two hours before they enter and when they come in they want to set it off with a bit of a kick so I blew it up and everyone went nuts.


Tell us about your new show in Vegas.

My new show is going to be at Hakkasan at MGM Grand, I’ve been working on it for a while now but I can’t tell you much about it, you have got to come and see it. It is going to have very high powered, high tech lighting and two brand new giant robots and it’s going to blow people’s minds. I’ve also written a backing track for the show and I will be at Hakkasan with my good friend, Steve Aoki.

kryo4(Image Courtesy: Steve Aoki Facebook)

Your track, Loaded that was remixed by Laidback Luke has been a popular record his year. Do you have any new releases coming out?

I’ve been working on this record for a while and I am just waiting for the right time to put it out. Fedde le Grand is a good friend of mine and he asked me to join him on Darklight so now. So my next project is coming out on Darklight in July. I’ve also been working with rappers on some Bass House records that will be coming out soon on Nervous Records. I also have a collaboration with Fedde that is dropping soon.

Can you tell us a little about your history with animatronics, LEDs etc?

I have been studying live performance and production over the years. I started when I was seventeen.I was going to a lot of raves and parties back then when I was at circus school. Then I left  and moved to Ibiza and joined the music industry. I’ve always been heavily into movies and building stuff. I designed a world tour for David Guetta for 3 years. I designed Steve Aoki’s last 2 tours. I work very closely with VSquared Labs who do all the visual stuff. So they handle the video and I handle many of the other aspects of production at shows.


What do you think the future immersive experiences at festivals is going to be like?

I think I agree with my DJ and producer friends on the fact that the scene is saturated with DJs. Today just playing and producing records is not enough fans are always craving more. Then they go about improving visuals which is great but still not enough. The whole artistic element of the show is the most important thing. Have you not noticed that now that a lot of acts are not just one DJ they’re probably 2 or 3 or even 4 in some cases. What does that remind you of? 3 or 4 people on stage playing music together. It’s a band! People can feel the presence of four people. Bands and live acts are good since they are more immersive. But the kind of things that people are going to see on stage are going to bend their minds. I am not talking visuals and graphics on screen, I am talking about actual set production. Tomorrowland is a good example.. If you want to make a change in the industry, everybody has to be able to experience it. However, not everybody will get a chance to experience Tomorrowland. Taking a production of that size everywhere is not possible. What I have always worked on is scaling down these really cool experiences so people can access them in different venues of different sizes. As Kryoman I do over 250 shows a year and people get to experience it whether they are in a club or at a festival.

(Cover Image Courtesy: Kryoman Facebook Page)