With Ultra Miami happening this weekend, you need to be prepped up for the same! Whether you’re going to be in the crowd or you’re going to sit at home and rave to the live stream, The Sherp has picked the best sets from the previous editions of Ultra, to keep your sinuses flowing for what promises to be a massive edition this year!

1. Deadmau5 at Ultra 2014

The producer/self-proclaimed button pusher/prankster takes the top spot with this one. His set included the infamous McMaNGOS Funnymals Edit of Martin Garrix’s ‘Animals’ that had the crowd in hysteria. Straying away from the mainstream most of the time, he played a lot of techno-influenced stuff on the main stage.

2. SHM At Ultra 2013 (One Last Tour)

The storied yet short-lived trio ended their partnership with this set at Ultra 2014, when they closed the main stage. Dishing out old hits like One and newer ones like Don’t You Worry Child, their set was full of emotion.

3. Jack U At Ultra 2014

Jack U may have become a household name this year, but the duo of Skrillex and Diplo was just testing the waters with their then-brand new project in 2014. Fresh from a debut performance at Mad Decent Block Party that year, Ultra was their first major appearance as Jack U, and their set contains several then-unknown songs that would go on to become future hits.

4. Martin Garrix At Ultra 2014

Animals skyrocketed to fame that year, and so did Martin Garrix’s career. His first time at the main stage was a memorable one, and his 2014 set is reminiscent to the good (bad?) old days of big room house.

5. Armin Van Buuren At Ultra 2012

Comparing the Armin Van Buuren of 2016 with the 2012 version is a cardinal sin, because there are vast differences between the two. While Armin may have embraced the mainstream world in 2014, 2012 was the year Armin still meant pure trance. It was also the time he ruled the DJMag Top 100 list. His set from Ultra 2012 says it all.

6. Knife Party At Ultra 2015

Pendulum members Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have come a long, long way as Knife Party. The duo demolished Ultra 2015, dropping banger after banger, both new and old. The crowd didn’t rest for a single minute.

7. Hardwell At Ultra 2013

2013 is a special year for Hardwell, as that’s the year he took the number 1 spot in the DJMag rankings. Easily the biggest force in electro house at that time (and even now), people lapped up singles like Spaceman and Apollo, and those songs made him a household name in the business.

8. Dash Berlin At Ultra 2013

Dash Berlin’s sets are full of energy, and this one is no less! His Ultra set from 2013 has some perfect mashups (or Dashups as he calls them) and a few remixes too. Check it out!

All set for the weekend now? You should be, because Ultra 2016 is going to be massive!