The anticipated and eclectic electronic music festival, The Hudson Project, much to the dismay of their fans, has been called off this year. 

After an unsteady launch last year, where the festival had to cancel their last day due to unpredictable weather conditions, a representative from Winston Farms claimed that the Hudson Project was “on hold for the moment” and that “it’s not coming back this year”.


The bad weather juju combined with the speculation that the festival was short of several thousand underwhelming attendees this year, rained on their parade in a different way than the storm that hit Upstate New York last year.


Held in the sacred location where Woodstock ’94 was held, The Hudson Project seems to have lost its spirit along with its prime. A concept that began as an amalgamation of electronic and hip-hop—the line-up featuring artists like Kendrick Lamar and Kygo—was proverbially bludgeoned before it could really thrive. Here’s to hoping the festival makes a comeback next year. Stay tuned to The Sherp for more updates.

(All Images Courtesy: The Hudson Project Facebook)