Dubai kicks it up a notch by launching a man-made party island that will give Ibiza a run for its money.

02b6b_1754089(Image Courtesy: Dailymail)

Dubai, a spectacular vacation spot in itself, has decided to take their tourism to the next level. This exotic city has taken it upon themselves to fulfill every party-goer’s fantasy by building an island dedicated to partying. Yes, you read that right. With the capacity of 20,000 revelers, 2 ‘mega clubs’, 4 beach clubs, 5 hotels and more restaurants than you can keep track of, this up and coming man-made island plans to leave Ibiza looking like a washed-up old beach-side shack.

460289702(Image Courtesy: Dailymail)

To add a cherry on the metaphorical cake, this island will require no license for alcohol consumption. Like we said, every part-goer’s dream. George Saad, the sales and marketing director of the initiative claimed that along with the extravagant potential, their island also holds copious opportunities and hopes to attract the attention of large-scale festivals like Burning Man.

party-island-design(Image Courtesy: Dailymail)

So with a festival-friendly environment and funeral arrangements for Ibiza, Dubai’s ‘Dream Island’ is just about ready to wow the world with its party-going brilliance.

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