The first edition was a grand success because the City of Joy celebrated with PLAY!
With a line-up of musicians and designers that was nothing short of extraordinary, PLAY- weekend getaway festival was a party in itself. Kick-starting the fun in mid-June, the crowd kept growing as the days passed. The Vedic Village resort came alive with cutting edge music and a riot of colours at PLAY.

Check out the pictures of celebrations at PLAY:

Monophonik all ready to rock the house at the PLAY pre-party

Credits: Phoenix

Ankur Kedia, aka Deep Brown, kicking PLAY off to a grand start

Credits: Phoenix

Ram Indranil Kamath’s Maha Kali with Chausath (64) Yoginis greeted all guests at PLAY

Johnnie Walker the Journey’s libations enthused the guests while they partied hard

PLAY Fashion, Music, and Art Festival was a riot of colours and designs

‘Alice in Wonderland’ – a collection to watch out for!

The models danced and jived on the ramp!

Pinks and greens and yellows – it was a grand celebration!

Madboy/Mink’s performance seemed to bring the apparel to life!

Perfectly synced in all its eccentricities, the first show was fabulous

Model Somana Chakraborty posted happy faces in the green room, on her Instagram!

Saba Azad, aka Mink, and designer Kristy de Cunha, enjoyed swaying to the live music

Designer Kristy de Cunha, with her collection – ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Imaad Shah, aka Madboy, made the audience raise their glasses and dance to his rhythm!

Arifa Akhter’s collection – ‘Al Bari’ was the second show, featuring Miss V

Each design was more beautiful than the other!

‘Al Bari’ coloured the ramp with its ethnic touch!

Young ladies from New Light, Kolkata, also walked the ramp and brought the
clothes to life!

The regal touch to every garment wowed the guests!

A combination of beauty, sophistication, and royal dignity, oozed during the


The most beautiful Ushoshi Sengupta walked the ramp for Arifa Akhter. She
was all smiles when asked about the success of her brainchild, PLAY!

Designer Arifa Akhter, and none other than Arijit Datta (left)

The Telegraph – t2 covered PLAY! Kristy de Cunha, Ken Ferns, Ushoshi Sengupta, and Ram Indranil Kamath (from left)

The finale was a grand show with the collection – SODA

KOHRA’s unbelievable, hypnotic music kept everybody’s foot tapping.

Designer Ken Ferns, with his showstopper – supermodel Noyonika Chatterjee

                          Most of the guests got up close to click snaps when Ken Ferns’ SODA was

being showcased!

PLAY Fashion, Music, and Art Festival was just the beginning of a grand series of events across the country! One can only wait impatiently till the next one comes around.

All Image Courtesy: Play Fashion, Music, and Art Festival