With some magnificent collaborations alongside Tony Puccio and Sonic Jay, the EP is a marvellous listen!

Early last week, K-OS Theory unleashed a new EP, consisting of 5 tracks, leaning on his minimal/techno sounds. The EP puts together original tracks by the 24-year-old music producer, along with remix tracks courtesy of Tony Puccio and Sonic Jay. Now, we’ve taken a great liking to the EP, have a listen below, and we’re sure you will too!

Parth Mehta a.k.a K-OS Theory, is not one to conform to rules and certainly not when it comes to his music. The Mumbai bred electronic music producer is an electronics engineer by day and a performer by night, and for those who haven’t heard the artist, you must do so immediately!

Credits: Beatport

The artist has recently signed with Groove 9 Records, under whom his latest EP comes out. Groove 9 Records is Goa’s First International Underground and quality Dance Music Label, set up in 2013, and has an impressive set of talents on its roster. And now K-OS Theory becomes the latest talent to sign with the label.

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