Dance music takes over cruises! 
The seven-day cruise travels to Rome, stopping to party on the way on Greek islands Santorini and Mykonos, as well as in the South of France, before finally returning to Italy. The ship hosts over 2500 people and takes them on a beautiful journey filled with amazing music and food.
It boasts 1000 rooms and offers 10 restaurants, a cinema, gym, theatre, spa, 24 hour casino and games room plus a whole load more from rock climbing, basketball and mini-golf to football, gym facilities, whirlpools and solariums. What else can you possibly ask for? With DJs playing through the journey.
Imagine waking up somewhere new each day. Isn’t that special? Check out the mind blowing pictures here below!

1. Ready To Cruise?

2. Soaking Up The Sun – The Right Way! 

     3. Mediterranean By Sea? Yes Please!

 4. Hitting The Right Beats! 

5. Pool Party Scenes. 

6. That Is One Spectacular Sight! 

                                                          7. Friends And Good Vibes. What Else Do You Need? 

8. Chill Here Anyone? 

                                                                               9. A View To Remember! 

                                                                                 10. To the Top!

                                                                  11. Who Is Next In Line For Limbo? 

12. Under The Bright And Shiney Stars.

  13.Where Can We Get Those Fancy Caps, Ladies? 

14. DJs Be Setting The Mood For The Night!

15. Say Hello To Green Laser Beams!

You can check out their Facebook Page here and website here!