The star states that the LA County Sheriff’s Department officers racially profiled him in the incident.

Wyclef Jean was heading back to his hotel after a session in his recording studio when two police officers from the LA County Sheriff’s Department asked him to pull over.  They then went on to handcuff him as a suspect for a robbery that took place in the same area.

The police stated that the armed robber was driving the same make and colour of the car that Jean was driving while donning a similar bandana as the robber. The Haitian hip hop artist claims that the incident took place as a result of racial profiling by the police due to his ethnicity. He recorded the incident on Twitter and posted a video during the arrest.

The singer’s spokesperson Melanie A. Bonvicino released an official statement that reads, “My client recording artist Wyclef Jean was detained by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, this morning while en route back to his hotel from a recording session in Los Angeles, after the vehicle he was being liveried in was pulled over and subsequently subject to police brutality, racial profiling, police bias and the ongoing discriminatory practices of law enforcement officials which remain rampant throughout the United States and for which the LA Sheriff’s office is deeming a case of mistaken identity. As such, Mr. Jean is requesting a formal investigation into racial profiling by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, LAPD chief Charlie Beck and the LA Sheriff’s Department while calling upon the ACLU and Black Lives Matter to join him in defense of civil liberties and racial bias.”

What in the world is happening right now.