This week’s snapshot was a smaller one, just like the snapshot last week. Whenever such small snapshots start coming out it only hints towards one thing, a bigger snapshot is in the making. So waiting patiently for newer features is the best thing every Minecraft player can do right now.

Anyways, though the snapshot is small, it has many interesting features in it. Let’s deep dive into the features added to the game this week.

Minecraft Snapshot 21w18a

Infested blocks

Infested blocks are stone variants which when broken release silverfish which is a hostile mob. These infested blocks now come with deep slate variants as well. In addition to this, the breaking speed of these blocks has een tweaked to increase the element of surprise for the player!

Goats now ram into objects!

Goats were first added in the beta version of bedrock. Since then we already knew about the various features the goat will be having. The java edition of Minecraft is now catching upto the beta.

Goats now ram into objects more frequently, so you better your watch your step on high cliffs!

Baby goats will now follow their parents everywhere they go. Baby goats spawn in a group of 2-4 making the goat mob a unique one.

Apart from this there were minimal tweaks to the ore veins, and the spore blossom can’t be water logged anymore, the Minecraft snapshot 21w18a wasn’t the best one.

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