Minecraft snapshot 21w17a wasn’t the biggest one, but it still has added many cool new features including some changes to copper ore and new noodle caves!

Usually, when we get a small snapshot like this, it is to prepare us for the big one which will release next week. So next week we might get some major game-changing features to the game. Possibly the new mountain generation to the Java version!

Minecraft Snapshot 21w17a

caves and cliffs gets delayed

Ore changes!

The texture for the ore blocks has now changed once again. The colors are tweaked and look more lively than before. These ore blocks can now be found in caves as well, but they are rare. While testing out this feature we hardly found any, but it just might be a bug and nothing else.

Now you can mine copper ore with a fortune pickaxe to get more ore drops. And in addition to this, ore veins were seen generating throughout the world. Once you spot such a vein, you’d be instantly rich!

Noodle caves!

We covered the various cave generations in these new snapshots in detail here. The earlier snapshots added new cave generation which included spaghetti caves and cheese caves. Yeah, the name is goofy but we can guarantee that the caves are not.

The new noddle caves are claustrophobic to say the least, the devs at Mojang should tweak the width of them a little.

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