Minecraft Live 2021 is just around the corner and we have almost no new info about the event. We haven’t even got the Mob vote yet, and we don’t know when they will be revealed. So we speculate, but this speculation is based on evidence, and what the devs have promised, so these updates might happen!

Minecraft Live 2021

Mob Vote

Yes, we haven’t gotten any new info about the mobs as of now, but we have got confirmation about the mob not and will it happen or not. So rest assured, we have a mob vote this year as well but don’t get your hopes too high as it will be a normal mob and not a boss. Also read –Will Dream ruin Minecraft Mob Vote once again in Minecon 2021!

1.18 new features

There’s no way that the devs won’t show off some new Minecraft 1.118 part 2 features at Minecraft Live 2021. The features may be some that we’ve already known, like the Warden and its lore.

1.19 update!

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we all watch the event for one reason only, the next major update! It is very much possible that the devs would like a cooldown after a massive 1.18 update and drop a smaller update like the archaeology update. And a bigger 1.20, but that won’t be fair for the community who waited an entire year for a new update. Also, read – Minecraft 1.19 has already been revealed before Minecon 2021!

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