Minecraft 1.18 isn’t even out yet and we’re already excited about the possible 1.19 update and the feature it would bring to the game! That being said, we might already know what the 1.19 update might be. There are two ways the devs could go, the first and the most hinted towards one is the end update. Minecraft 1.19 Update will be the End Update, Confirmed! The second one is what we’ll be talking about today!

1.19 The Warm Update

Yes, the Minecraft 1.19 update might be a warm update. What do I mean by that? Well, every Minecraft fan remembers the Biome vote, right? There are 4 biomes that were promised an update but haven’t gotten one yet. The biomes are the Savvana, Swamp, Badlands, and the desert.

The features in this update are already known to the players, the devs are waiting for a perfect time to update the game. But now that the entire overworld has changed, it only makes sense for the devs to go for a smaller update this time.

And these 4 biomes are in dire need of some new features. This update will add three new types of wood, which already is pretty exciting. Not only that, mobs like vultures, meercats, termites, frogs, ostriches have already been announced. But then again, all of this is just speculation. We won’t know what Minecraft 1.19 is till next month. You can read this to know what to expect from Minecon this year – What to expect from Minecon Live 2021 (End Update?)