Another tragic death rocked a music festival over the weekend, this time at the Ultra Music Festival, Miami.

Adam C. Levine, a 19 year old student from the University Of Miami died on Friday after attending the Ultra Music Festival, Miami. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of death of the young man but refused to reveal anything else as of now. Ultra organizers have stated that they are fully cooperating with the investigation and working in tandem with the police.

In a public statement, the chief of security for the festival, Ray Martinez, had this to say, “It is our understanding that Adam Levine, one of our patrons, was here on Friday night. We can tell you that our security personnel noticed he was having difficulties and immediately called Miami Fire Rescue to get him medical attention Unfortunately he passed away at the hospital.”

The University Of Miami took to their Facebook page to break the tragic news and give us an insight into who Adam C. Levine really was :

With so many festival related deaths, it seems that places meant for fun and entertainment are turning into death traps. This may end up hurting the festival industry just like it has in Australia. Though nothing has been found yet, it won’t be surprising if the cause of death is drug related just like the many others. In fact even the co-founder of Ultra was found dead earlier this year in January with multiple controlled substances in his system.

What do you think should be done to prevent more deaths at festivals? Let us know!