The multiple Grammy award singer will visit India just in time to include her performance in the country along with the dates of her Japan and Asia tour.

It seems that India has now become the hotbed for international artists as it is now rumoured that international pop sensation Rihanna will be making her way down to Mumbai sometime towards the end of next year. Last year we had Coldplay come down in November and had mesmerised the nation with their wondrous performance, this year Justin Bieber was the high sensation that everyone was way too eager to witness, and it seems like India, specifically Mumbai, has a lot more to be excited about if what the Sherp’s sources reveal turns true.

While there are no other specifics known at the moment, it is rumoured that Rihanna will be performing at a suburban venue in Mumbai city and will be in the country for one night only, before she continues with her Asia and Japan tour. Sources also reveal that former Joint MD of Percept Group, Shailendra Singh, is one of the organisers.

Credits: Everything Experiential

Rihanna is a multiple Grammy award winner and Billboard winner and is has one of the world’s best-selling-artists of all time! India is and has always been one of the popular sectors in terms of fan-following for the artist, and her visit to India could indeed be an event for the history books!

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