This might just be the redemption we’ve been seeking since the cancellation of Mad Decent Block Party yet again this year.

Yes India, you were ready! Ready for all the EDM pumping, party rocking madness with Major Lazer and more, but fate turned a cruel side and had the Mad Decent Block Party India Tour cancelled (and, for the second time)! But here’s a rumour that’s fluttering around and if it’s to be believed, it seems like all our prayers have been answered!

After frustrated fans took to Twitter to vent out their disappointment, Diplo came out to reassure fans with this tweet:

Although this exchange of tweets happened early in the year, in February, it still is likely that it happens and after our hopes had faltered after the Mad Decent Block Party fiasco, we hope there will be an official announcement soon.

Now, we can’t be too sure if this means that only Diplo will be coming to India or if it will be with the Major Lazer troupe, nonetheless we sure are excited for this to happen.

Stay tuned for further updates.