According to a circulating rumour Maroon 5 are allegedly making their way to India this September.

Wonderful and hopeful news for all you Adam Levine/Maroon 5 fanatics, as the band has apparently agreed to stop by Bangalore during their hectic Asia touring schedule next month, according to an article by Rolling Stone India.


No concert dates have been revealed just of yet, so please understand this is just a rumour. The band will be touring  South East Asia in September, stopping by Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Taiwan, Manilla and Bangkok.

Although their tour dates are pretty close to each other, we have speculated on the ones they could use to be in India. This trusty Sherp has done all the investigating for you.

Turns out they have a six day window between September 9 and 14 and another three day one between September 22 and 26.

See for yourself –

Maroon 5 one

Maroon 5 two

Another clue : The band also put out this tweet earlier, hinting at a big announcement tomorrow :

However it is more possible they will be in India during the first half of the month, so the September 9 to 14 dates look more likely.

Rolling Stone also alleges that tickets will start at a whopping 11000 INR. So prepare to cash in your rent cheque, folks.

News on this is still ambiguous, but fret not The Sherp will keep you updated .

Until then, here, have some sugar.