For your trippy fix this week, meet Transylvania Calling, a soulful escape to an undisclosed location in Transylvania where music, wilderness and a mind-altering experience is promised.

“Promoting a strong ethos of unity, the festival – is about connecting people from all walks of life throughout the world.” – TC website

Transylvania Calling, held amidst running creeks and mountains, somewhere in Transylvania, has been co-existing within the quiet hearth of nature for several years now. This festival brings to life an unnamed location every two years with unforgettable psytrance lineups and other performing arts that deem your festival experience all-immersive.

While the exact location is not to be found the on web, the festival’s website states that the meeting point is in the town of Aiud, Alba county, “next to the fortress in the center, by the bus stop.”  Ambiguous but copiously fascinating, the discreet and enigmatic nature of this festival deems it quite adventurous.

Like-minded folks from everywhere gather in Transylvania for this week-long celebration of the mind, body and spirit. This festival essentially focuses on well-being, healing, growth and culture, be it in the form of their workshops or the music itself. This year’s lineup is an ambient blend of psytrance and its sister sub-genres. You can take a look at it here.



“Our sub-culture is essentially rooted in music. This year we are returning to the very roots to build a new paradigm where the core experience on offer is not a superstar lineup, but the experience of re-connecting to the “source”, empowering ourselves, harnessing those energies and channeling them into a group vision of a future of our design.” Says their website.

One of the best things about Transylvania Calling, apart from its incredible vibe, is the fact that it’s not only a non-profit event that donates all proceedings to a charity, it’s also an ecological one. T Calling provides all attendees garbage disposal bags at the gates of the festival and believes in leaving no trace after the festival comes to an end. They have partnered up with several ecological organizations for the festival and profusely request attendees to be respectful of their environment while on and around festival grounds.

transylvania romania photo by come callais

Via: Callais

One of the most scenic and fundamentally peaceful pytrance festivals we’ve come across, Transylvania Calling is the kind of festival one can enjoy sober, intoxicated, alone, with a multitude people, you get the drift. This year’s edition commences today, i.e., August 24 and will go on till August31, 2015. If you’re interested, which, let’s face it, of course you are, purchase your tickets here.