India’s showcase of the finest home-bred & South Asian musicians returns this year with an array of international pre-parties lined up for you.

Lazing on the lawns, hunting for buried treasure, secret parties, dancing on the rooftop, flying kites at sunrise and watching the desert come to life in a dazzling haze of mist and sunlight. Magnetic Fields was a playground for the young at heart, within a luxurious and indulgent backdrop. Glimpses of the rich local culture were delicately weaved in between the contemporary programming. Two stages that showcased India’s best and most forward thinking music alongside some of the worlds finest underground stars – attracting an audience of adventurous, young and open-minded urbanites.

magnetic fields 2014

With over 6 months to go, the Magnetic Fields festival will take place on 12-14 December at the historical and decadent Alsisar Mahal, in Rajasthan. Thursday, 3 July 2014, will see the first of many international pre-parties for the festival take place at London’s iconic Proud Gallery.

The diverse line up for this pre party includes a special guest, plus India’s inimitable Shaa’ir & FUNC, London’s dubstep pioneer V.I.V.E.K , Sri Lankan born My Panda Shall Fly and editor of India’s leading alternative culture mag; Moniker.

The primary idea behind holding this showcase is to expose foreign audiences to the wide range of talent that is nurtured in countries like our own as well as other South Asian nations. So if you’re in London, and want to be a part of this – you can book your slots HERE.

magnetic fields 2014 inside magnetic fields inside

Three days of arts, music and experience at a beautiful venue with a great line up and activities. The Sherp took a closer look at what the Magnetic Fields Festival looked like in last year’s edition, you can check it out HERE.