The Mumbai based duo give the EDM anthem a melodic revamp!

Ever since its release at the end of last year, Alan Walker‘s latest electro-house stomper “Alone” has been on everyone’s lips and minds, with its lush vocals, courtesy of Swedish songstress Noonie Bao and Walker’s signature synth progressions. Now, India’s electronica scene ambassadors, Lost Stories, have remixed the track for a smoother feel and more climactic drops.

The producers are also going to give the remix away as a free download after it crosses 200 K views on Facebook, the only place where it’s currently available for your streaming, listening and viewing pleasure! After official remixes for Afrojack, Poets Of The Fall and Coldplay, this is the second time they’ve remixed Alan Walker after they released one for “Faded” last year.

Watch the remix for “Alone” below:

Prayag Mehta and Rishabh Joshi, the EDM twosome, have been spreading the love and are offering a free download of the remix once it crosses 200 K views! Check out the remix while you tune in, relax and let the music soak in!