Mumbai brings in the flamingo season in myriads of pink!

The Flamingo Festival that happened at the Sewri Jetty in Mumbai is a seasonal festival that celebrates the arrival of the exotic pink flamingos and offers a delightful sight to city dwellers. City folks flock in the dozens to witness the eye-catching sight which is a welcome change from the mundane grays.

The Flamingo Festival that commenced on April 22nd-Earth Day, this year opened its gates to excited crowds coming in to catch a glimpse of the exotic site. The festival is organized by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and is funded by Mangrove and Marine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation and supported by the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT).


BNHS (Bombay Natural History Society), PRO Balwadi Kale says, “There were a lot of kids present at the festival, especially a lot of school groups participating in it. It is heartening see the awareness spreading among this lot.”

Ornithologist Dr Raju Kasambe informs, “There are two species of flamingos -the Lesser Flamingo and the Greater Flamingo. I counted a handful of Greater Flamingo that day . The Lesser Flamingo were more and quite close to the jetty. It was quite amusing to see people take selfies around this point.”


The Lesser Flamingo has a darker beak and plumage than Greater Flamingo. Kasambe adds that 36 species of birds were spotted, including the flamingos, painted stork, black-headed ibis and whiskered tern at the creek. The exotic birds make the water reserves in Mumbai their home until the monsoon season kick starts in the city.

The Flamingo Festival is a good time to gather with your family and indulge in the educational activities, instructor sessions, games and competitions and bird watching activities at the Sewri Jetty.

The best time to watch the flamingos is during the lowest tides.

Things you need to keep in mind 

1. Wear light coloured clothes

2. Carry your binoculars/cameras

3. This is important! – do not litter the sea, please!

Check out the official Facebook page of the Flamingo Festival  here.