J Cole has been a major figure in the hip-hop industry for more than a decade now, many consider him to be the best rapper alive right now. The only artists coming close to his success being Kendrick Lamar and Drake who both are legendary in their own ways.

But how did Jermaine Cole aka J Cole go from a mediocre artist early in the decade to one of the greatest to ever do this!

J cole always has been critical of his success he never loved the fame he got from the music he put out and we can see him speaking about it on multiple songs. He wanted this number 1 position, but once he got it, he despised it, he didn’t think it was worth the struggle.

His earlier projects have a sense of hunger to them, a hungry Cole always makes statements about how he’ll rise to the top. In 2014 FHD, which by the way is his best project to date, he showed us how his mind works. A look into J cole’s psyche, the album did exceptionally well, going top of the charts without a single feature!

But that was the peak for him some say, KOD his recent projects failed to resonate with many new age hip-hop fans, but regardless of that the album was a success. Since then J Cole started doing features, he also started engaging more with new school mumble rappers.

He even sat down for an interview with Lil pump! And now we’re here, the present, where J Cole will be dropping possibly his last album in a few days! The interlude was a firey track to say the list, it will be great to see what direction Cole’s music takes him now!

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