The Drake vs Kanye West feud became even more intense when Drake decided to diss Kanye openly on a new song with Trippie Redd. Kanye’s response to the diss was weird, to say the least, he decided to put out a message in a group chat that had Pusha T and many other prominent artists in it and maybe Drake as well.

The message was as follows –

I’ve been dealing with nerd a** jock ni***as like you my whole life. I promise you’ll never recover

That statement was really creepy, but what followed was even sadder. Kanye doxxed Drake and Drake responded on his IG by laughing. it is set in stone that Kanye and Drake hate each other, and Kanye has been compromising the release of his album so that he could drop when Drake drops. But who would win in a head-to-head competition?

Kanye West vs Drake

Kanye West vs Drake would be the battle of the decade. They both are probably at the top of their game right now and would do massive numbers. But if they’d decide to go head one, there’s no way Kanye West sells more than Drake. Drake is at a level where no one can even touch his stardom, Kanye is a big star, but his number 1 days are over.

Regardless of the feud, we hope they drop on the same day so that this beef comes to an end at last after a decade!

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