…you better not be trolling us Zimmerman!


So a lot of speculation and conjecture has been doing the rounds about the mischievous mau5 coming to India this year. It’s probably true… because Deadmau5 himself put out a teasing tweet today. And apparently the dates have been locked too. Or is the Canadian producer doing what he does best – playing pranks with his fans?

Looks like the anxious, lengthy and impatient wait will finally come to an end. The only question now is, who is getting him down? Any guesses?

Perhaps we just have to wait a little more to find out…



The legendary Canadian producer gave us a little more insight into his first visit to India by dropping yet another hint! Here’s what he said:









So there, the mau5 himself has said it! It’s happening. Maybe not this year.

Well, we will only know for sure when it’s officially out there!

Jeez. Have some patience people.