It’s all about the groove!


We’ve all heard of Moombahton, a fusion genre of house and reggaeton that was created by producer Dave Nada back in 2010. Over the years the genre has been introduced into existing styles of music especially dubstep, which has given rise to a whole other derivative genre called Moombahstep or Moombahcore.  Commonly known as 110 because of its tempo and beats per minute, moombahstep is a much more aggressive form of moombahton usually featuring a lot of wobble bass, FYI.


Think: Dubstep + Damian Marley.

Dubstep moguls like Skrillex, Knife Party and Diplo have been experimenting with quite a bit moombahstep recently, (Skrillex’s hit ‘Bangrang’ being one of the most recognized tracks in the genre.)


1. Bonfire – Knife Party

However upset you are about Pendulum breaking up, (or are they back together now?) no one can deny the success of Knife Party. Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have given us a good taste of what solid moombahcore sounds like with their Rage Valley EP. Bonfire is an iconic track from this EP and was also featured on a much coveted Breaking Bad episode.

It starts out with some authentic reggae-infused lyrics and goes through a usual Knife Party-esque build up and layering. Best part? The laser gun sounds you hear at the beginning of the track. Haha! Classic Knife Party.


2. Skrillex feat. Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem

Okay so if these two aren’t a match made in heaven, I don’t know who is. It was only a matter of time before Skrillex hit up contemporary reggae’s main man – Damian Marley to come up with some hip-shaking moombahstep. Talk about catchy maaahn!


3. Bro Safari & UFO! – Bird Brain

Bro Safari is Evol Intent’s moniker for just their trap, dub and moombahcore music.

Their track Bird Brain is a bit different from other Moombahstep. Much like an EDM track, it picks up its pace till the end but makes sure to involve enough reggaeton and dubstep drops possible. Unique is the word.


4. Fresco – Morena

Like the first YouTube comment says, ‘This is tigggggght’. Delightfully, the track includes more tribal beats than the usual moombahstep track. Definitely worth the listen!


5. Noisia – Machine Gun (The Killabits Moombahcore Edit)

Remember NOISIA’s epic remix of Prodigy’s Omen? That’s probably why you can trust the Dutch to take Moombahcore and make it their own.

Noisia will be playing at the Bangalore leg of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, this year.  Score!