Kody Nielson fell victim to what might seem rather excessive measures by Adelaide police and Laneway organizers.

Kody Nielson, a New Zealand musician got a rude shock when his seemingly playful antics led to him being booted from the festival lineup AND fined $560. According to the musician he was performing in the crowd and was dancing with six policemen when he kissed one of the policemen’s weapons. The show was almost immediately cut short as the authorities proceeded to escort him off stage while, according to Kody, organizers silently watched.

Nielson later took to Twitter to apologize to his fans and criticize both the Adelaide police force and the Laneway festival organizers in a series of tweets.

Kody Nielson is best known for his former band The Mint Chicks with his brother Ruban. He was performing under his current moniker, Silicon, when the incident happened.

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