Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms with over 1 billion people using the app monthly. Instagram caters to a variety of niches and you can find all your interests on this extremely popular app. If you are familiar with Instagram, you may have noticed that the app has become a popular place to promote events and this app is useful because it allows users to upload visual content in the form of images and videos which they can share on their feed at a later time. More than this, businesses can do this much more easily by using an Instagram growth service, such as Growthsilo, since they will engage with users for you after identifying the best audience for you. This way potential customers or people attending the event can gather information about the event from the comfort of their own homes. Events such as festivals are ideal for this type of promotion because they feature a variety of activities with unique hashtags. Keep reading to find out how you can use social media to promote festivals.

Identify your target audience

It is important for you to first identify your target audience because your target audience is the group of people who are likely to support your event. This group of people is who you will target with your ad campaigns and your target audience is generally dictated by demographics that include age, gender, location, income, and interests. It is impossible to reach every single person in the world at once which makes defining your target audience very important because it allows you to direct your marketing efforts and money on a specific group of people who are the most likely to support you which overall gives you a better return of investment.

Create a social media strategy

In order to create a social media strategy, you will first need to establish a set of goals and objectives. To do this, you should use the S.M.A.R.T method, which defines your goals as  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Next, you need to decide which social media platform you will use to reach your audience, and then you should also track specific metrics that are meaningful and gather as much data as possible from your audience. To attract your audience you need to supply them with good content and you need to make sure that you post frequently at specific times when your audience is most active. Pay extra attention to the type of content that you produce because this is the main thing that attracts an audience and whenever you post, use hashtags so that you can reach a wider audience and make your profile and posts more discoverable.

Develop a hashtag for the event and promote it

Hashtags are a word or a phrase that begins with the “#” symbol and they are unique to social media. To discover which hashtags are the best, you first need to research and know your hashtags. You can also learn from influencers and observe the type of hashtags that they use when they market to their audience; however, the best step is to have a clear hashtag that is short, simple, and relevant. When you incorporate hashtags into your strategy, it develops an interest in the event and promotes brand awareness. Hashtags make it easier for your audience to follow your campaign and they expose your content to a wider audience. To promote an event on social media, do the following:

  • Create a branded hashtag.
  • Create an event page.
  • Post teasers.
  • Host giveaways.
  • Give a sneak peek.
  • Post a countdown using a sticker on your Instagram stories.

Attend other festivals or events to get inspiration for posts and ideas

A great way to get inspiration is to attend other events and festivals. This way you can observe and be inspired by how they run their event and market it on social media. Sometimes the greatest way to learn is to keep an eye on the competition and you can actually advantage yourself by doing this. You can observe what works in their strategy and what doesn’t will help you know what to avoid with your own strategy.

So there you have it, good luck!