Instagram enables page hosts to showcase videos and images to entice their following, especially when using growth services like Growthoid to gain Instagram followers. If you’re a festival fan, there’s little doubt that you’ve spent days online, looking at the various festival pages. As you are spoilt for choice, it might take some time to find the best ones. With the festival season coming to an end, it’s a great time to compile a list of the ultimate Instagram pages for festival-goers, so that you’re ready for the future!

This article covers 5 of the more popular music festival pages. They will have you enthralled with the informative and inspirational content.


You don’t easily reach 1.2million followers, without putting in some incredible effort. TomorrowWorld includes a link to their website, which unpacks the many layers of this Atlanta, Georgia-based Festival further. This page, as with all other super successful pages, ramps up their content calendar at apt times of the year, based on the date of their Festival. Their content is sparser when the time is right, giving you time to focus on other passion pages. Visuals and videos of; happy festival-goers at past events, their cool outfits and costumes, insane festival props, chillout zones, and of course, the vibrant stages on which sensational artists perform, are all included.

Hangout Music Festival

129k music lovers avidly await content about this festival in Alabama. Their bio links also direct you to the event update page, which speaks to the most current info. Story buttons are available to the specific topics of information, lineup, and more. Look out for competitions that offer you the chance to win VIP tickets. Countdowns will provide regular exciting reminders. Couples romantically loving it up onsite are given the spotlight too. If you’re going to need accommodation, they’ve got you covered with informative posts and links. The lineup is launched as a collective and artists will be showcased by individual posts. Throughout the year, past event pics will take previous attendees down memory lane and tease those who are signed up for the first time. Updates, particularly recent and unfortunate postponements due to covid, are a useful must. You’ll always know you’re viewing Hangout Musical Festival content, thanks to their super cool branding, which includes some pastels.


Daily and sometimes twice daily posts keep their 324k followers engaged and helps to gain even more. Look out for the link to the ticketing website and story buttons for 2021, 20th, Virtual Roo, 2019 & FAQs. You will not go hungry. They know this matters to you, so a comprehensive list is provided upfront. An area for crafters to sell their fab wares is made available. Of course, the lineup!  Various calls to action include registration for The Roo Run, a fundraiser. Gratitude for their suppliers and sponsors is evident in their regular mentions.  Bonnaroo considers getting vaccinated the responsibility of their followers and they are happy to remind you to do so. Swipe right to see the detailed schedule on this post, one of the more important. Register for their cashless system. Health & Safety entry requirements are fine-tuned for each festival; these are shared online. You’ll feel part of this festival family while watching behind-the-scenes footage of cranes hoisting large stage pieces into place. If volunteering appeals, their cleaning crew may suit your needs. Make sure to read their transport info, to avoid traffic and delays.


Another tried and trusted Festival page, Coachella has 1.9M followers and they have been going strong for 20 years! Their story buttons will link you to loads of valuable content. Much of the same content mentioned above is available here, including early-bird registration info. They offer an extensive range of Coachella-branded merchandise. They are proud advocators for equity, justice, community care, economic opportunity & staff culture.

Ultra Music Festival

Ultranauts are 3.1m in number. Everything has been considered, including a local cleanup initiative and a generosity of spirit in thanking other countries for their contribution to “Ultra Worldwide”. Proud members of the Miami community, via videos of great locations in their host city. Their festival is a combo of music and art.

They all do it very well. Much of the content is similar, but each has taken the time to develop their own brand and with it, a unique sense of self and consciousness for people and places beyond their festival grounds.