Music is one of man’s greatest inventions, and with modern technology, we can listen to music more clearly and loudly than ever before. There are multitudes of ways for you to enhance your musical experience.

One of the ways to do that is with surround sound. Surround sound is simply superior to any other sound system you will find on the market today.

Surround sound systems offer an immersive musical experience with adjustable settings and higher decibels of sound. They provide better quality sound that will allow you to experience every possible sound.

The following is how to enhance your musical experience with superior surround sound:


Check Your Settings

If you own a surround sound system, you should check the settings before you play any music. If the settings are correct, you will have a fantastic musical experience, but unfortunately, people only use surround sound systems with their default settings.

The settings on surround sound systems are adjustable. Therefore, you should make the necessary adjustments to the settings to suit the musical experience you would like to have.

Start with the basics, the bass and the treble. Move on to advanced settings such as the EQ and adjust the profiles to your liking. Tweak the settings until you find the musical experience that is just right for you.


The setup of your surround sound system matters significantly as it pertains to the quality of the sound. The placement of the speakers in the system and the connection between them matter too.

Even if you have a Bluetooth surround sound speaker, you should set it up in a way to maximize your musical experience. Try placing the Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth speaker where it will produce the best sound. It is often a matter of experimentation to find the place with the best acoustics.

Getting the best surround sound is often a matter of eliminating weak links from your system. If your system is not wireless, cheap cables are often a cause of distortion to the sound; hence you will need to upgrade them. Quality wire connections are better than the best wireless 

connections and will vastly improve your musical experience.

Test Multiple Sounds

You will never have the best musical experience with a surround sound system if you are unwilling to test it. You should especially try numerous sounds on the system to find the best settings for different types of sounds.

Due to their production, digital and analogue files of the same audio recording will sound different on a surround sound system. If you have a favourite album or record, you should test different formats, including vinyl, disc, and digital.

Test as many formats and as many sounds as possible on the surround sound system. Find the best settings for each, and you will sound find out how to enhance your musical experience with the system best.

Have a Dedicated Listening Space

One of the things we modern people get wrong is listening to music while doing other things. We often listen to music while doing laundry, cleaning the house, working out or driving.

If you listen to a surround sound system in such a way, you will not have the best musical experience. Have a dedicated listening space that will allow you to test the room’s acoustics for the best results.

Ideally, you should create a triangle between your speakers and the seat from which you will be listening to the music. Each room’s layout will be different, so keep making adjustments until you find the best place to hear the music and only listen to the music.

Listening to music is an activity most of us enjoy, and it is even better with surround sound. If you want to enhance your musical experience, use the tips above. They will serve you well, and music will never be the same again.