Your street cred will only get better!

We all would like our homes to reflect our personality even if you’re a metal head. (Shout out to my mom who let me hang a Lamb Of God poster back when I was in school even after everyone thought I was a satanist.) But looking cool is a must, especially when it comes to your room! So check out theses babies to keep your sanity pod looking fresh.

1. Elation Bluetooth Surround Sound Bed Speakers


We like our music the way we like our homes, loud and dark! So what’s a better way than to enhance it with a surround sound system that’s not bulky and can play any type of music to suit your mood. They can fit onto any bed frame and thus create the best ambiance even while you fall asleep!

2. Audio – Technica’s AT- LP60 Turntable


The fully automatic turntable does not only play 7 inch and 12 inch records like a dream but can also be attached to an integrated stereo amplifier, AV receiver, computer, boombox, Bluetooth speaker, or turntable accessories or any device with an analog audio input. The sleek look will look futuristic while adding a retro charm of its own.

3. Blue’s Raspberry Microphone


The microphone may be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen but don’t be fooled! The sound it captures is ultra HD and all while delivering 24-bit studio-quality sound directly to your devices like Mac, iPhone, iPad or even your regular computers! Its Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) design resembles treatments found in studios which focuses on your voice or instrument while minimizing the sound of the room. It’s like a recording studio in your palm!

4. V- Moda’s Crossfade Wireless Headphones


These bad boys have not only won over 30 awards for the Crossfade rage but can also be paired to multiple devices at a time. It plays up to 12 wireless hours of music, up to 33 feet and a design to drool over. You can find a number of shields to change things up a bit and that can create a more customized look. The beauty comes at a steep price but honestly, we’re ready to pay for it.

5. Marshall Compact Fridge


Music is hard to work on, especially when you’re up all night and need to hit those midnight munchies! Store all your essentials in this fridge and trick all your friends into thinking you’ve got the best speaker in the world!