If you’ve been longing to follow the sun, getting in touch with your inner Bohemian, following the festivals from mega-party to mega-party is a good way to go. If you happen to have handcrafts or a food stall to match the festival vibe, you might even make a little money along the way. Cali is your top choice. Was it obvious? If it wasn’t, we’ll give you the reasons you’ve been looking for to choose California as your top festival holiday destination.

Let’s Begin With the Weather

In winter, California gets rain. But in the summer, the weather is reliably hot and dry – perfect for those tent-dwelling adventures with good vibes and good music. If you’re hoping to party without the mud and the wellington boots, your chances of enjoying fine weather during a summertime California festival are good.

And that brings us to one of the top reasons why festival organizers love California. How does that affect you? Well, it’s easy enough to leapfrog from festival to festival. No self-respecting festival gypsy is going to be content with just one party!

Cali is Arty – You Can Afford to be Picky

The times may be changing, but California clings to its love of the arts – and especially live music. Whether you’re a culture vulture or a die-hard party animal, you can be sure that California will welcome you with more activities than you can easily choose between.

The competition is stiff, and there have been murmurs about overlapping festival dates and the sheer expense of following every festival you want to be part of. Don’t be discouraged! Too much good stuff in one place is definitely no reason to pack your festival gear in the attic. Take your pick and make it happen.

“Liberal” Ideas for a Party Vibe

This isn’t about politics. It’s about parties! If you don’t want cops breathing down your neck every time you or a fellow-festival-goer lights a blunt, the weed laws in California are bound to suit you. Easygoing attitudes don’t extend to other recreational drugs, so if you think things are getting rough, have a word with the organizers. The chances of that being necessary are pretty small, though.

Not into substance-driven celebrations? Cali still has it with alcohol-free festivals focussing on wellness, yoga and spirituality dominating the field.

Every Possible Music Genre – If You Even Care

Whether you’re over 40 or just over 18, you’ll find the music genres you’re looking for – sometimes even at a single festival. With multiple stages running simultaneously at the bigger events, there are also plenty of niche events catering for specific music tastes.

However, there’s a school of thought that many festival-goers are there for the venue, the surroundings and the vibe rather than the music itself. Whatever your preferences, from niche to mainstream, to just want to party regardless, you’re sure to find the festivals that make the memories you’re hoping to add to your store of reminiscences.

Looking to attend multiple festivals in one holiday? California has what you want. What that consists of is up to you, but from great venues to great music, you won’t be disappointed.