These festivals just go on to prove that you don’t need substance to enjoy yourself.

With many festivals, such as EDC and Bonnaroo, initiating sober raving, we thought we’d spread the message by picking out the best alcohol-free festivals from around the world. These festivals are every bit as awesome as those with alcohol, and their successful run just emphasizes the point we’re trying to make. So sit back, and enjoy, while we run you through some of the most potentially incredible sober festival experiences known to mankind.

1. Bhakti Festival

Where: Joshua Tree, California

Bhakti Fest in California is a true spiritual gathering of genial people who the path of yoga, a wellness regime and kirtans to heal their mind, body and soul. It amalgamates ancient and modern practices to create a truly cohesive practice, so people may connect with one and other via devotional anthems and the general vibe that seeks to promote all-round wellness.

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2. The Leipzig Annual Music Festival

Where: Leipzig, Germany

The Leipzig Annual Musical Festival bills itself as a drug and alcohol-free event, relying on attendees to get their fix from the music. With the attendees sitting back in lawn chairs watching the music sets, this festival harbours an essentially nonchalant and non-threatening environment, unlike the usual chaotic flamboyance we’re used to seeing at other music festivals. Leipzig offers a quiet weekend focused on music and a peaceful ambiance; nothing more and nothing less.


3. Buddhafield

Where: Somerset

Buddhafield, like the Bhakti Fest, is an immersive spiritual experience coupled with yoga and meditation. This festival not only fosters to those who seek a peaceful getaway but also for those who want a festival focused on the music and the happy vibes. Buddhafield has no room for pretense or ostentation. Ergo, they encourage an alcohol-free environment to promote their message, “the flourishing of clear and radiant awareness.”

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4. Underage Festival

Where: Victoria Park, London

This is one of those wonderfully rare events where you must carry your ID to prove that you’re young enough to get in. The Underage Festival, now in its second year, is strictly for 14-18-year olds (inclusive), but with a line-up that’s so phenomenal that adults everywhere wish they could qualify to attend. Previous artists featured at the festival have been Foals, Gallows, The Rascals and more. This event hasn’t had another addition since 2011 but no discontinuation statement has been released either, so we’re hoping the organizers are biding their time to rejuvenate the festival.


5. Shambhala

Where: British Columbia

Shambhala, held in the quiescent hearth of the British Columbia, represents a Northwest Mecca within the festival community for its fantastic lineups, breath-taking art installations, and helpful workshops. If you’re looking for an intimate festival that will connect you with both nature and other sober, conscious humans while enjoying genuinely good electronic music, them Shambhala is your place. With the perfect balance of a family friendly environment and the arch-typical EDM intensity, this festival doesn’t sell alcohol on grounds and still manages to be one of the most anticipated festivals in Europe.

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6. Castlepalooza

Where: Offaly, Ireland

As unlikely as it may seem, this is one Irish festival does not include alcohol at the festival. Castlepalooza, with all its medieval/fastastical attributes, takes place at the grand and fairytale-like Charleville Castle. Castlepalooza brings the rich Irish heritage to life with a great and eclectic musical lineup every year and even better vibes (I mean, what sounds better than partying in a castle?). The weather in Offaly is said to be unpredictable around the time of the festival, but nothing can dampen a raver’s spirit, sober or not.

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7. Enchanted Forest

Where: California

Enchanted forest is a sanctuary with transcendent music, yoga, and a place for everyone. And we mean that, they even have a day care called Kidsville. Held in Nothern California, this festival has a rich transformational legacy. A vastly eclectic lineup and a beautiful venue make this alcohol-free festival widely popular in the States. As their website states, “this is a gathering created by and for dancers and visionaries. It is an opportunity to explore and expand upon the fundamentals of community and redefine how we consciously celebrate.”

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