Since the past two months Gorillaz have been taking over social media with cryptic posts and videos. These media sources hold clues and are a path to their new upcoming album!

Last month, the multi-genre band recently chronicled their journey from the beginning to the present day on various social media sites. Now they’ve come up with the fourth phase of the band member chapters. One of the central characters of the band; Noodle, just got her own story. All through the day, the band has been posting pages from The Book Of A Noodle.

The story starts out with “The tale begins days after the attack on Plastic Beach”. “Plastic Beach” was their album name back in 2010. We see Noodle tracking down and defeating an evil shape-shifter who goes by the name of Mazuu. The story is told over 10 different chapters. Each chapter has its own visuals and uniqueness which sets them apart!

You can Noodle’s journey below-

The new untitled album is going to be their fifth LP following the release of Plastic Beach back in 2010. While they’ve been super secretive and cryptic about the upcoming release, their social media ventures have proven to be quite effective as it’s getting hopes and curiosity up inside fans.

We can’t wait for the rockstars to drop the new album!