Over the past few weeks, USA saw a slew of music festivals, right from the Austin City Limits to The Meadows. But President Obama had a festival of his own too!

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the cool and charismatic Obama take over social media time to time by engaging in activities and doing things that no other President was cool enough to pull off. And he recently just topped off that list before resigning from his post of Presidency by holding the inaugural South By South Lawn Festival! The festival, which was held on the South Lawn of the White House, saw several musical performances, a student film festival and one very special Leonardo DiCaprio, who was there to discuss about climate change and screen his new film “Before The Flood”!

The venue was totally picturesque with the White House in the background and the sun shining down on all the attendees! 

There was a really cool LEGO art, or should we say some LEGO people who chilled with everyone present! 

Rapper Common took to the stage to talk about some pressing matters in his trademark powerful voice and prose form! And sure enough, people were pretty riled up after he delivered his messages!

The Stranger Kids stars also made an appearance, much to the delight of everyone who was attending. The Netflix show which became famous overnight turned the children into stars overnight! The kids came and fooled around on the lawns!

Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the biggest stars at the the event. Over the years, Leonardo has been very vocal about his support for climate change. He’s been a spokesperson at the United Nations on several occasions to talk about the impending change that will occur if we don’t improve the way we live and use natural resources. He also screened his upcoming documentary movie “Before The Flood” for the audiences.

Those who attended were treated to some really neat goodies by the Presidential house and we’re so jealous! 

Once the day was coming to an end, the sun had set on the gorgeous lawns and the final performances took over to enthral audiences! The Lumineers performed a bolstering set and that was followed by Gallant, who performed inside the White House with a live band!

The South By South Lawn festival saw some really neat performances lined up with some fun events. The day was for everyone to come and participate with the Presidential family. And we have to say, Barack Obama just took up his cool quotient up by several notches!

The world is going to miss the coolest President ever!