October isn’t just known for Halloween. It’s packed with so many damn festivals.

October, that time of the year when winter is coming (see what I did there) and sweaters are a thing, festivals aren’t behind and this month is crazier than ever. We’ve come up with the top ten festivals that you cannot under any circumstances not attend this month:

1. Amsterdam Dance Event

(Credits: 250k.nl)

Every year this festival hits a new level of crazy with stages and over a few hundred EDM and dance musicians all coming together in the city of Amsterdam. This year, its going to be even more epic with over 2,000 DJs and over 450 events. We promise you won’t have a second to be bored here.

2. Austin City Limits

(Credits: abc13.com)

Taking place in the amazing Austin city in Texas, the event is so much bolder than the usually conservative city. The bohemian vibe, everyone relaxed in jeans and the best acts gracing the stage; this is one that you need to attend if you like all things fun in life.

3. Fantasy Fest

(Credits: fantasyfest.com)

This masquerade festival almost rivals Mardi Gras with its flamboyance and amazing costumes. People come from all over the world for this two-day event in Florida and have the time of their lives. Make sure you check out the Royal Coronation Ball on the first night. If you’re bold, loud and aren’t afraid to get a little crazy, this is where you should be.

4. Joshua Tree Music Festival

(Credits: localemagazine.com)

This national park has been an inspiration for many artists in the past and with good reason. The event alternates acts between the two stages (bye bye running to stages) and is open to people of all ages. You’ll definitely find an artist here that will be you’re new favourite and that’s a guarantee. The desert is the place to be and its a cool enough event for the hipsters.

5. New York City Wine & Food Festival

(Credits: newyorkwineevents.com)

This festival has what you need to survive, four days filled with incredible food, music and most importantly wine. Its filled with food workshops, awards, events and much more for any individual who loves to indulge in the best food and booze from all over the world. We just want this one to last for the whole year.

6. Texas Renaissance Festival

(Credits: wordpress/wakeupami)

If you wish to be transported to a time where you wanted to meet your knight in shining armour who would defend your honour, you know this is the event you want to strike off your bucket list. People will be wearing their Renaissance best and will be surrounded by over 400 actors who will blend with the regular people. Catch your true love here and thank us later.

7. OktoberFest

(Credits: reuters.com)

This is any festival goers dream. With beer flowing everywhere and the beautiful background of Munich city, Germany is the spot where you’re guaranteed to get a beer belly overnight. It’s one of the world’s biggest fairs with the booze, food and a mix of rides, which will create the best mood for you and your besties. Please wear a lederhosen to feel like a part of the community.

8. La Calaca

(Credits: forbes.com)

The famous Mexican festival is inspired by the Dia de Los Muertos aka the day of the dead. The town of San Miguel de Allende will be filled with crowds dressed up as skeletons and taking in the art and culture of this day. You need to take a tour of the cemetery to really get the experience. You can also stay back to do some sightseeing in this beautiful city that has a lot of interesting history to offer.

9. Voodoo Experience

(Credits: gonola.com)

New Orleans is well-known for its history with the dark practice and it transcends perfectly into this festival which combines burlesque, music, art and obviously a voodoo touch. Its as unique as its name and lives up to any expectation thrown its way. This city too has a rich history and make sure to stay back and take a look at the famous haunted houses that are around at every corner.

10. Rocking The Daisies

(Credits: idmmag.com)

South Africa is beautiful by itself with the awesome wildlife and this festival makes it the ultimate getaway. Rocking The Daisies is an electronic and indie music festival that is similar to the vibe Woodstock gave. AfrikaBurn is another such happening festival but this one is a hippie dream.

So what are you waiting for? Get packing!