It’s an experience the children won’t forget and nor will you!

Festival season has just begun across Europe but sadly it clashes  with summer break which means that all those festival junkies out there will want to spend some quality time with the fam too. But there are a few family-friendly festivals, which will give you the full festival experience with your loved one’s by your side.

Festival loving families need to thank HomeToGo, a free online service which provides users the reins to find and compare holidays in order to pick and choose the festivals which are more family-friendly as compared to the others.


The list is an amalgamation of an interactive map with some really cool festival facts and videos. So if you’re a fun family that’s interested in this fun vacation idea or simply want to offer your kids a festival experience in a safe environment, check out their list below. The selected festivals are conveniently ordered by date too starting from the 8th of June.

See it on their page here now or check out the interactive map below: