For wanderlust hopefuls, Breezer Soundhike returns month after month with wishful destinations! With Breezer Soundhike about to choose a few lucky people for an all expenses paid trip to Ibiza, Spain, we got thinking of all the things you can hit up at one of the world’s premier party stops!

Ibiza is one of those exclusive spots blessed with inherent culture, natural, picturesque beauty and modern party spirit. From long walks at midnight to finding yourself in a club with 10,000 other people, from enjoying a coy evening in a boat ride, to indulging in exquisite Spanish cuisine, Ibiza is the perfect hotbed to experiencing the quintessential Spanish vacation. With Breezer Soundhike all set to select one lucky person, who can brings along three other friends, for an all expenses paid trip, The Sherp presents to you a lowdown of the perfect Ibiza experience.

The Formentera Ferry

The best way to experience the exotic beach lined island of Ibiza is by hitting the sea. Formentera, a tiny island, is one of the northernmost points of land into the sea, and it rests an hour of ferry ride away from Ibiza. This succinctly pleasant trip by the sea can be one of your best introductions to the island, as you gaze as the entirety of it from your water laden adventure. As islands zoom in and out of your vision, these ferry rides will have let experience the visual nature of Ibiza’s beauty!

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Espalmador Mud Baths

You don’t have to go take a bath in the mud lakes at Es Palmador, but you most certainly will! Espalmador may be a private island owned by one of the richest families in Barcelona, but it is open to visit and is extremely popular, not just for its white beaches but also for its sulphurous mud lakes.  People from around the world indulge in these natural mud baths that act as coolants on otherwise sunny afternoons, before washing the mud off in the ocean.

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Las Dalias Hippy Markets

In the early 60’s, artists from around the world flocked to Ibiza to experience its beauty, exotic weather and the freedom of expression encouraged in the township. This gave rise to a decadently cultural hippy culture that continues to dominate the town’s artistic leanings. The biggest evidence of that is the Las Dalias hippy market, the very largest of such gatherings in San Carlos. As a visitor, one cannot absolutely give these markets a miss; as they house exquisite gemstone jewellery, garments of myriad prints, and an enviable collection of all things cool!

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Ibiza Parties

For lovers of electronic dance music and the good life, the Ibiza Parties constitute the holy grail of party spots. The parties, held at the various clubbing spots around the island, each offer an individual experience worth holding on to! This EDM-fuelled package is very much a part of the Breezer Soundhike experience, ensuring a crackling end every day to your sunny afternoons!


Best Parties At Ibiza

Breezer Soundhike is all set to take you to Ibiza at the most opportune moment. September to October marks the period of Ibiza’s closing parties; long periods of dance music and celebration to commemorate the end of Spain’s festival season. Some of the famous parties touted to be a part of the schedule are –

The ‘F*** Me I’m Famous Party’ is a David Guetta led energy-fuelled experienced that has traveled all around the world, and will be heading to Ibiza this month. With Guetta leading the trope, great music and dancing is guaranteed.

The Pure Pacha Closing Party held at the luxurious Pacha nightclub will see a slate of electronic music stars like Fatboy Slim, Bob Sinclair and Erik Hagelton! One of the more budget parties, it’s one night of epic sun-down!

The Amnesia Closing Party is the offering from one of Ibiza’s most notorious party spots, the Amnesia nightclub! Covering techno and house and featuring artists like Gorgon City and Tale of Us, these are some of the wildest nights in Ibiza!

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Cafe Del Mar Sunset sighting

Cafe Del Mar opened its shutters to the exotic beauty of Ibiza in 1980. Since the last 35 years, the bistro serves as Ibiza’s premier beachfront sunset bars that achieves the distinction of being qualitative, which remaining modestly delightful. You can not only gaze at the sunset from the cafe’s open air rooftop arrangement, but you can also enjoy its daily dose of music, dance and cuisine. All those brochures you’ve ever read on Spanish tourism, will be realised with this one moment.

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Don’t you wish you went to Spain instead? Because if you do, then stay tuned. Beezer Soundhike will definitely up the game further next month!