Sunny Side Up’s debut festival takes place in Mumbai on Sunday, September 18th at the iconic Cooperage Grounds, Nariman Point. 

Every festival you go to these days, the food options are almost always greasy grub which include burgers, fries, shakes and sandwiches. If you have always dreamt of going to a place which serves up healthy, nutritious but also tasty food, your search ends here friends! Sunny Side Up is the first-of-its-kind festival to host a food and fitness festival in Mumbai!

We made a list of 5 things for you to make the most of at the Sunny Side Up Festival! 

1. First ever Indian Fitness and Food Festival


That header alone should be your motivation to come to this amazing event. India has introduced several yoga workshops and national initiatives by the government to make people understand and embrace the importance of a healthy lifestyle. By taking the baton ahead, the Sunny Side Up festival is hosting a balanced event with fitness workshops as well as healthy yet lip smacking food options!

2. Make the most of all the all-rounded schedule

The schedule, which has been carefully curated by the organisers, starts off at 8 am with fitness workshops. It goes without saying that there is a diverse and wide range of activities for everyone, as can be seen from the timeline. One of the standout features being the dedicated workshops for kids too! Bring your kids along and give them a taste of the healthy life by engaging them in some fun workshops!

3. Take part in the multi faceted fitness programs! 


The USP of the Sunny Side Up festival is to push the importance and impart some knowledge about the importance of including some fitness regime in your day to day life. The festival aims to do this by holding different types of yoga classes, meditation groups and exercises so that you can find your right fit!

The fitness and sports activities are powered by UACTIV, an intuitive platform that connects you with people around who share the same interests in sports and other fitness activities. You can look forward to workshops throughout the day with celebrity trainers. Fitness workshops through the day include AcroYoga with Pradeep Mehta, Tattwa Yoga with Pia Dhir, Bellyfit with Chaitali Kohli, 2 left feet (social dancing) with Akriti Grover, Fit Swag with Atul Ingle & Meditation, Music and Yoga with Kadambari Ravi and Azeem.

4. Grab some healthy yet delicious food!

Credits: Sunny Side Up

Like we said earlier, it is rare in the Indian festival scene where you actually see healthy food options being served up for customers. The trend started in the Western festival circuit where organisers started recognising the need for healthier options with people going vegan and also opting for gluten-free options in food.

The food, curated by Bombay Fusion at the Sunny Side Up festival, will host a wide range of eatables by over 20 participants like Avni and Myraa’s Kitchen, Cool Story, Herbivore, Chef’s Basket, Saucery, Selfcare by Suman Agarwal, AKA, and Organic Farmer’s Co. among many more.

Some of the amazing food options will include:-

  • Smoothie bowls and froktails from Cool Story  
  • No sugar chocolate truffles and flax seed nutrition bars from The Protein Station
  • Eat clean, Eat delicious workshop by Masterchef finalist Karishma Sakhrani
  • Wasabi Quinoa puffs from Organic Farmers Co.
  • Healthy Dips and Spread by Saucery, Herbivores and Chefs Basket
  • Smoothies, Chia puddings, Parfait, fruit compote from Avni and Myraa’s kitchen

Credits: Sunny Side Up

The food court will be up and running right from 9 am to 10 pm, so you have the whole day to satiate your hunger and please your taste buds with all the various options available!

5. Get your friends and family to take part in the day long festivities!

The Sunny Side Up festival is sure to be a game changer in the sleuth of festivals India has seen. Being the first ever festival to embrace fitness workshops and healthy food options for everyone and claiming to be a family friendly event, the festival is going to be a wholesome fun-filled fiesta for all! It would be the perfect moment for you to head in with your whole family as well as friends to grab a taste of what Sunny Side Up has to offer! No need to leave your kids behind as they are going to have a lot of fun too!

Make sure you are a part of this fitness and food experience with an RSVP here!

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