The DJ sneaks in a new 9-minute long house piece at the Festival.

There has been an ongoing buzz about the Canadian DJ’s almost completed new album, but fans finally got a taste of the producers new track at Ultra Singapore which he was headlining.


In the last two weeks, the DJ released an updated version of “Cat Thruster” and then this piece. It’s got his name plastered all over the track which starts of dramatic and continues with a trance-like sound. It sounds quite similar to Strobe but is somehow more classic in its approach. The slow transition throughout this masterpiece in bits and sections is quite amazing and without a doubt will create the best ambience at any festival, let alone one he headlines.

The track is already a fan favourite and we have no doubt that the same will be said for his album that will follow. The track has been unnamed as of now but who cares? The slow building beats are good enough to keep us happy.

Deadmau5 has also revived his famous coffee run episodes on YouTube with the guest being Adam Savage, ya that awesome dude from MythBusters. We can’t wait for the album and hopefully, it should be filled with nothing less than what the DJ does best.

Check it out here: