WARNING : This post will make you ravenously hungry.

Food trucks are a delightful twist on proverbial street food festivals and we love how they experiment! Celebrating this quirky and fresh take on food, here are some of the  festivals trucks you can hop on to!



1. Loaded Up And Truckin’

This is food trucking with a vengeance. This annual festival up in North Carolina is all about food with a side of grunge. The festival will be welcoming 18 regional food trucks to throw their doors open to hungry people, who come down from all over the country for the delicious grub. The festival is a sight to witness as most of the trucks go through great pains to establish the uniqueness of their food…and their trucks! Participants can also purchase a special ‘judge’s ticket’ that lets them try out some special dishes, that cant be tasted by anyone else. And not to mention, they have live music and a campsite as as well. The festival, happening on April 16, is food and beer galore and you should definitely check it out.

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2. The World’s Largest Food Truck Rally


It really is the biggest rally you will ever see. Last year, they drew in as many as 75 trucks! Imagine, 75 trucks, loaded with lip-smacking food that was ready to be served. Doesn’t this already sound like heaven? Famous food trucks such as Maine Thang, Zesty Tsunami and of course, Hot Mess take part in the rally which is just stupendous in it size and menu! Lobster rolls, gourmet waffles, carb cakes and scallops are some of the crowd favourites here.

worls largest food truck rally


3. Eat The World DXB Dubai

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Just as the name suggests, mobile kitchens from all over the world will be making their way down to the Eat The World DXB in Dubai. Held on the February 27 and 28, this food truck festival is the absolute ultimate. Right from British street food to even local recipes, they can all be found in the Burj Par, where the event is being held. The three-day event is going to be hosting some world famous food trucks such as What the Dickens, Oil Baba and Crabbie Shack! Check out how adorable the trucks look as they make their way to the world-famous event!


4. The Atlantic City Food Truck Festival

The festival is all set to make its debut on June 18 and 19, and here is why you should already be booking your tickets. Atlantic City is known for its thriving food truck culture, and this festival is finally going to be celebrating that. Its going to be an entire event where the cuisine is going to go a step further than the proverbial hot dog and chips stand. “You’re going to have your food trucks. All kinds of assorted food trucks,” B.J. Hamilton, owner of 609 Event Productions, told KYW Newsradio. “We’re going to bring in live music. We’re going to have a full service bar set up. We’re also going to have a kids zone.” “You see that food trucks nowadays are basically almost an extension of brick and mortar establishments,” he said.  Cannot wait for this one!

(Image Credits: grandstrand.happeningmag.com)

(Image Credits: grandstrand.happeningmag.com)


5. Bangalore Food Truck Festival

Food trucks are slowly gaining impetus in India and we could not be happier about it. Food trucks very much fit in with our robust street food culture and they are doing a hella good job with it. Though the dates of the 4th edition of the Bangalore Food Truck Festival have not been announced, be assured that it is going to be awesome! Head down to the festival as they welcome Indian favourites such as Eggjackly. Last year, they had a stereotype-breaking concept of chai served by transgenders, which also included talks and discussions on such topics that are considered taboo.

(Image Credits: www.facebook.com/BFTF1

(Image Credits: www.facebook.com/BFTF1