The FriendsFest, which lets you hang out at Monica’s apartment, is finally here. Could you be any more excited?

It’s been over 21 years since Friends first aired on TV and gradually made a irreplaceable hole in our hearts. With jokes and catchphrases you’d recognize anywhere, Friends is now one of the most beloved TV shows, well, ever. Comedy Central decided that as an ode to the epochal TV show, they’d recreate the sitcom’s set in London’s East End.

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This set is an exact replica of Monica’s apartment and FriendsFest is the ticket that let’s you hang out there. From Wednesday, 16 – Sunday, 20 September, The Boiler House on Brick Lane now a.k.a. Monica’s apartment will be open to those with a ticket to the festival.

Unfortunately, the first batch of the £5 tickets sold out in thirteen minutes exactly.


Fret not though, after the crowd demand for these tickets, the organizers are issuing a second batch.

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Live out your Friends fantasy vicariously through this festival, which also offers a Central Perk inspired café where you can grab a coffee, pose on the orange sofa AND have your picture a replica of the iconic fountain. In case you’re not already fangirling, there’s also an exhibition packed with original props from the show, a blow dry salon where you can get your own Rachel ‘do and play foosball with your pals.

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