All aboard AIRNH7, an exclusive package that will take you to Shillong and back with ease.

OML just launched an uber-cool initiative for all those who are as stoked about Bacardi NH7 Shillong as we are. If figuring out plane tickets and other travel accomodations is too much of a hassle for you, then sit back while OML does all the work.


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AIRNH7 will fly you to Guwahati, a short drive from Shillong (also included in the package) and back. This package will cost you just 13,500 INR. If you’ve given heading to Shillong even a bit of thought, you’d know that this is quite a reasonable deal.

Here are the details of this package.

Travel Details:
October 22 – Thursday
Indigo 6E-434
Departure from Mumbai: 07:25 AM
Arrival at Guwahati: 10:35 AM
Bus Pick-up from Guwahati Airport: 11:15 AM
Guwahati Airport Drop off at Police Bazar, Shillong: 02:30 PM

October 23 – Friday
Festival Day-1

October 24 – Saturday
Festival Day-2

October 25 – Free Sunday

October 26 – Monday
Bus Pick-up from Police Bazar, Shillong: 11:30 AM
Drop off at Guwahati Airport: 2:45 PM
Indigo 6E-433
Departure from Guwahati: 5:00 PM
Arrival at Mumbai: 8:15 PM

This package, however, does not include festival tickets.

This is a great opportunity to connect with other festival-goers like yourself and come back with a truly immersive festival experience. Head to to book your exclusive package now. And of course, keep tabs here for more updates.