Yet another music festival goes cashless; ‘Daisy Dollars’ will be the official currency at the Insomniac Festival this year

edc3(Image Courtesy: White Raver Rafting)

This year, EDC Orlando is incorporating a cashless payment system that will allow you to purchase food, drinks, merchandise, locker access, and everything else at the event with a simple tap of your RFID-equipped wristband. ‘Daisy Dollars‘ are the official monetary system of EDC Orlando and the currency you’ll use to pay for everything at the festival. Know more about the service HERE.

EDC2(Image Courtesy: EDC Facebook)

Cashless payment systems have taken over internal festival transactions over the past year, and it’s a great way to avoid the hassle of carrying cash inside a crowded venue. This year, EDC Orlando has assembled some of the finest acts over 2 days at the Tinker Field, Orlando.  Check out the full line-up HERE.

(Cover Image Courtesy: White Raver Rafting)