Bacardi Triangle, taking place over the Halloween weekend on a mysterious island in the Caribbean, will be a world of pure fancy. The Sherp compiles a list of what you can expect to see, hear, touch and experience at this truly one-of-kind festival


1. Three artistes, three genres and three jets

Bacardi Triangle will feature three massive headliners — global music icons Ellie Goulding, Kendrick Lamar and Calvin Harris who represent three different genres i.e pop, hip-hop and dance.

The three of these artistes are undeniably the most popular and talented artistes in contemporary popular music of the day, making it quite fitting for them to headline the Bacardi Triangle in the equally unique setting of a tiny island in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

To add to all the ‘three-isms’, three jets full of guests from 25 countries will be flown into an island to attend the festival.

elliecalvinkendrickPicMonkey Collage

2. Only 1862 people will attend this party

As a tribute to the year in which Bacardi was founded, the debut festival will feature on 1862 guests, and the only way you can get to this insane gathering is by invite. Three chartered jets will depart from London, New York and Los Angeles to take you to a swanky resort in Puerto Rico for two days. After which you’ll be flown down to a quaint Caribbean island where you will spend a day with the other 1861 people at the Bacardi Triangle festival, partying your ass off.

3. Expect to be treated like royalty

The El Conquistador, the hotel and resort where guests will be put up in Puerto Rico will be it’s own luxurious little paradise. With a capacity for 2000 odd people  and  accompanied by an Asortia Resort that includes swimming pools, a large variety of restaurants and bars, it’s very own water park and its own private island – Palomino, you can expect to be treated nothing short of royalty.

El Conquistador Resort and Casino, tiered pool

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4. Water Park, you say?

Yup, the resort comes with an expansive state-of-the-art water park, situated right on the edge of the waters, overlooking the ocean.


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5. Watch out for a Halloween experience 

On the night of Halloween, the event will feature an untameable Pirates of The Caribbean-inspired party at the water park in the resort. Think wenches, dead pirates, fire lanterns, living mermaids, tribal food huts a Voodoo shack stage all while the headline DJ performs.

black pearl party

6. The Third Dimension party

On Saturday, guests will depart on a ferry with no idea of where they are going, until a spinning triangle will project on the ocean which will guide them into the ‘Third Dimension’. From here on, they will experience a range of surreal experiences until the three headline performances including an awesome light show on the Pyramid stage.

7. Welcome to Palomino Island

This third dimension party and other fantastic activities will all take place on the resorts private getaway island, namely Palomino. The quaint island is just 1.2 km long, 525 meters wide and 102 acres in area, making it the perfect size to host a music festival.

palomino island

8. Fire eating

Once on the Third Dimension, expect to be blown away by an incredible fire eating and breathing performance by artistes dressed in tribal chic. The eerie choreography will definitely add to the feeling of entering in a dreamland.

fire eating

9. Behold, the lost pilot!

Another experience guests will be treated to is the misty remains of an plane wreck, with mounds of empty glass bottles filled with notes, and at the centre, a disoriented lost pilot scribbling notes for help.

lost pilot

10. The party will extend well into the night

Courtesy, The Void, an after house venue full of spectacular and psychedelic smoking light shows, water based projections that will add to the vibrance and energy you need to dance you way through the night.


From getting away to an obscure island for three days to watching and experiencing some of the pretty exciting live performances and music, Bacardi Triangle sounds like a party The Sherp can get down with. Mos def.

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